With 3M articles shared, Repost launches publicly to help protect how content goes viral online

With 3M articles shared, Repost launches publicly to help protect how content goes viral online

In the world of social media, one of the things people enjoy doing is sharing content with one another. But publishers often face issues about dealing with the creator’s brand, attribution, images, analytics, and more. A new service called Repost seeks to be a platform solution that will help increase viewership and pageviews to sites by making content more portable and direct to the reader — today, it launches publicly to the world.

Repost is a free service that takes entire pieces of content and republishes them along with the creator’s brand, attribution, images, links, video, advertising, and analytics. This is more than just what users would expect by using ShareThis or other sharing services — in fact, the company says that it essentially copies exactly what’s on the page and embeds it onto a third-party publishing service. If TNW was using Repost, readers would be able to share a post, like this one, onto  any supported platform.

For the past couple of years, Repost had been in beta working to find a way to remove the need to ask for permission of the creator when a particular article is sought to be syndicated

The company has some strong backers too, including author and associate professor at City University of New York’s Graduate School of Journalism Jeff Jarvis. Having recently joined its board of advisors, Jarvis says, “Repost should end the wars over aggregation and copyright.” Furthermore, he believes that it could “change the fundamental architecture of content distribution on the net, and reinvents and reverses the idea of content syndication.”

Content creators that wish to gain more visibility and share their worth can install a Repost button on their site. It’s an easy service to install, even if you’re using WordPress or Blogger. The service also serves as a means to discover new content — anyone looking for something to read can visit the Repost website and browse through more than 3 million articles from more than 4,000 publishers.

Companies using the service include FOX Sports, PR Newswire, PBS Newshour, AFP, and many others.

Repost was created by Free Range Content and is the sibling to Curate.us.

Photo credit: Koichi Kamoshida/Getty Images

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