Interactive video startup Viewbix releases HTML5 studio for monetizing mobile video

Interactive video startup Viewbix releases HTML5 studio for monetizing mobile video

Viewbix, a startup offering tools for making online videos interactive, has launched an HTML5-based studio that will provide its clients an easier way to reach mobile devices.

The Tel Aviv, Israel-based company will use the new HTML5 capabilities to supplement its existing Flash-based tools. Viewbix allows creators to add apps and links to videos to better market themselves to viewers. The company boasts a 20% success rate  from viewers on calls to action or interactive in-player apps.

The HTML5 studio is available as a base free service with premium plans starting at $4.99 per month. Paid options add extra features like branded players, additional apps and analytics. The platform is compatible with YouTube and Vimeo Pro videos, and its apps are integrated with services like Constant Contact, Mail Chimp, Skype and Twitter.

CEO Jonathan Stefansky noted in a statement that the evolution to HTML5 will help its customers take advantage of the mobile space “more efficiently” and put them “ahead of the curve”.

Viewbix raised $2 million in funding last year. The service has attracted 30,000 register users.

With YouTube’s reach at an astonishing 1 billion monthly unique viewers, the online video space is a frontier for marketers and brands. Google says that all of the Adage’s top 100 brands are running campaigns on the service. Given how quickly Flash has died off, HTML5’s a smart bet for Viewbix, but it will need to stay watchful if it wants to add value on top of innovations from the video platforms themselves.

Image credit: Agri Press

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