Dropbox: 1 billion files are now being uploaded every day

Dropbox: 1 billion files are now being uploaded every day

One billion files are now being uploaded to Dropbox’s servers each day, CEO Drew Houston has revealed during a speech at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona today.

It’s a staggering figure that is double the number of tweets that Twitter revealed were being published to its social network each day last October.

CNET cited Houston saying that Dropbox’s 100 million users are now accessing the cloud-based storage solution from 500 million devices worldwide. The company now expects users to connect an additional 150 million devices to the service during 2013.

Both milestones should help alleviate any concerns that the company is being affected by the growth in rival services such as iCloud, Google Drive and Skydrive. For comparison, Apple announced in January that its userbase has now passed 250 million – although it’s unknown how that is affecting the number of files being uploaded to its servers.

Dropbox isn’t resting on its laurels either. Earlier this month the firm improved its app for iOS devices, adding a new layout similar to Cover Flow and an improved reading experience when accessing multiple pages from a PDF file.

It follows a report by Quartz, which claims that Dropbox is planning to go public sometime this year. The publication has also valued the company at around $4 billion.

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