VoiceBunny’s ‘Casting’ pays every voice talent just for participating in crowdsourced contests

VoiceBunny’s ‘Casting’ pays every voice talent just for participating in crowdsourced contests

VoiceBunny, a provider of professional, crowdsourced voiceover work is hoping that its new “industry first” model will encourage more people to sign up and participate in audio projects. Recently, it launched a new program called “Casting” that gives all those who participate in the auditions a bit of the cash prize — something that it says will result in the “best talent” be attracted to the site and ensuring that high quality auditions are submitted.

Whether you’re putting together a demo reel, a commercial, or anything that requires the performance of a good voiceover, finding talent needs to be quick and easy. No longer are companies necessarily going to agencies for these relatively small projects — rather, they’re approaching services like Voice123 and now VoiceBunny to get their projects taken care of.

As we reported last year, VoiceBunny is looking to solve the problem of finding good voiceover artists that are affordable and can turn around projects quickly.  Unlike Voice123, buyers pay VoiceBunny directly for the services and it will then be disseminated. Through this process, the company says that the process of getting a professional voice is automated right from its API.

This VoiceBunny’s “Casting”, companies listen to the number of auditions they choose, can collaborate with voice actors, and select a winner. An award pot is set aside that is distributed evenly amongst all the participants and the winning talent receives an additional bonus for his or her work. VoiceBunny says that “Casting” will be available through its API.

VoiceBunny now offers much faster recordings through its Amazon Mechanical Turk-like qualities — users just need to provide the service a script. Additionally, it includes a “Search n’ Book” feature that was launched back in November which is a database of voice talent that users can search through and hire instantly.

It seems like a novel idea to have as many people apply, but one thing that companies will need to worry about is the flood of bad talent and spam entering the audition process, just so they can get a piece of the prize. However, while hundreds may apply for a specific project, only a select few will advance further through the screening process, which appears to be where the divestiture of winnings could occur.

To date, VoiceBunny says that it has more than 4,000 voice actors and is recording in more than 50 languages. It has completed over 5,000 projects.

Photo credit: Jim Merithew/Wired.com

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