The Onion’s ‘Diamond’ Joe Biden hosts Reddit AMA, gets question from the real Vice President

The Onion’s ‘Diamond’ Joe Biden hosts Reddit AMA, gets question from the real Vice ...

Reddit is putting on another “Ask me anything” event and this time it’s hosted by The Onion’s ‘Diamond’ Joe Biden. While it’s not out of the ordinary to hold an AMA, it’s probably unusual to have a parody host one and have the real individual ask a question. Today was one of those days and the real Vice President sought to ask ‘Diamond’ a question.

Comedy news site The Onion has been known to put their unique twist on things and in this instance, they created an alternate-universe version of US Vice President Joe Biden. ‘Diamond’ Joe Biden is, as Slate describes him, a “sleazy, womanizing, Trans Am-loving alter ego”. Quite contrary to the man who’s second in line for the presidency.

The Reddit AMA was formed to help celebrate the release of ‘Diamond’ Joe Biden’s autobiography “The President of Vice”, that he humorously describes as “a hot-shit Kindle Single published by The Onion.”

In typical fashion, this is how the fake Biden announced himself to Redditors:

Thanks for doing me a real solid Reddit. I’m ‘Diamond’ Joe Biden and I’ll be answering your questions today beginning at 2 PM Central/3 PM Eastern to celebrate today’s release of my new autobiography The President of Vice, a hot-shit Kindle Single published by The Onion.

You are welcome to ask me anything about the book, how to round up tail and make them wail, my Trans Am, things you can make into a pipeBarack, or where we can hook up later if you’re a smokin’ hot mamacita.

I’m fairly hammered right now so I’ll try to answer as many of your questions as I can before I pass out. I don’t know what other crap I’m supposed to type here. Please buy this book or some real rough dudes are gonna hurt Joe real bad. Until then, grab a brewski and enjoy the ride.

To verify that I am real person, a tweet from my publisher @TheOnion

Within the hour, the Office of the Vice President sent out a tweet to Reddit with his question:

That immediately got posted to the site and elicited a response from ‘Diamond’ Joe Biden: “Those glorified Camaros aint good for nothing but smokin’ the tires.”

Photo credit: Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images

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