Samsung unveils 60″+ TV series with recommendations, improved voice/gesture control and Smart Hub

Samsung unveils 60″+ TV series with recommendations, improved voice/gesture control and Smart Hub ...

Today during its event at CES 2013, Samsung announced a new series of large 60+ inch HD TVs, featuring personalized content recommendations via its S-Recommendation technology, improved voice and gesture control and a redesigned Smart Hub. These new features will be available across a variety of display types, including LED, OLED, Ultra High Definition (UHD) and Plasma.

Samsung strongly emphasized its new S-Recommendation service, available on 2013 Smart TVs, home theater and Blu-ray players, which is intended to help users discover “preferred content across various services including broadcast TV, streaming video on demand content, applications, social content and locally stored content from personal devices to ensure there is always something to watch.”


The company’s redesigned Smart Hub now arranges Apps and content into the following “dynamic panels:” On TV, Movies & TV Shows, Photos, Videos & Music, Social and Apps. Rumors of a Smart Hub redesign had been floating around since December.


Samsung has also touted that its Gesture Control is now able to recognize “more natural movements, with two-handed gestures and better viewing environment flexibility.” The company claims its voice controls have been enhanced as well, allow viewers to “use everyday language…to command the TV.” Samsung says its TV line has already won six CES 2013 Innovation Awards.

Samsung President Boo Keun Yoon detailed that his company believes people want more content, a wide range of devices (and device sizes) and that 80 percent of consumers want TVs that can be updated. He claims that Samsung’s new TVs “are able to grow with your family” — that may be a stretch, but judging from the design of some of the new devices, it’s hard to deny their attractiveness.


The above announcements follow analyst projections that Samsung will grow its smartphone sales 35 percent in 2013, increasing its lead over Apple. The company also recently announced a new Series 7 15″ touchscreen laptop and a 13″ Ultrabook, ahead of its CES presentation.

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