Inside the guts of a tech blog: What the heck do we write about at TNW?

Inside the guts of a tech blog: What the heck do we write about at TNW?

More than 40,000 posts into the project that is The Next Web, it’s a fine moment to look back and run some counts to see just what we have been writing about.

In the following charts, a keyword or phrase is listed, and to its right is the number of posts on this site that contain it. This loose analysis reveals that on these pages, Google is more popular than Apple, from a total post perspective. iPad and iPhone both edge out Microsoft in terms of total unique mentions in discrete posts, something that will surprise none and annoy many.

Enjoy. And keep reading, we love you guys.

If you want to drill further into the data and run searches of your own, feel free. It’s especially fun to dig into TNW’s use of profanity, something that we have all but wrapped up on, but was a touch more prevalent in our early days.

It’s fun to think of each category in terms of percentages: Google is in just about a quarter of all TNW posts, whereas Microsoft tips in at just over 10%. iPhone is a mentioned term in nearly 20% of all TNW content. That’s impressive.

What would be more fun would be to segment the above data by year, and chart the patterns to see topics rise and fall through time. However, WordPress search doesn’t exactly allow for such fun. Perhaps the kids over at Simply Measured will figure out how to do it.

2013 is going to be big. I fully expect the above charts to be laughably out of date come the end of the year.

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