AngelList has helped startups raise $12 million over the last 30 days

AngelList has helped startups raise $12 million over the last 30 days

AngelList, an online service that helps to connect early-stage startups with prospective investors, has announced that over the past 30 days, over $12 million have been raised for companies through its network.

In a blog post, it said that 95 percent of that amount was through offline investments, with investors having face-to-face meetings. However, online investing is something it sees as growing — after all, this new option was only introduced on AngelList last week and to date has raised $600,000.

Since 2010, 1,000 startups have been funded through AngelList and many companies turn to the service as a means to get out there and be noticed by investors. As TechCrunch describes it, it’s a “hybrid social network, communication and crowdsourcing platform that allows startups to access investors, and has also become a resource for investors looking to boost dealflow and connect with other investors.”

Investors who spot a company they’re interested in can choose to fund in one of two ways: offline or through AngelList’s online investment tool. The latter option was launched in partnership with SecondMarket in order to give smaller investors the opportunity to invest as little as $1,000. Forbes reports that they can get the same terms and discounts as the larger investors and it’s all priced rounds. The only difference is that larger investors get pro rata rights to invest again in the future, access to more financial information, and board seats.

AngelList has posted a ticker on its site that shows how much was raised over the course of the month. It will be fascinating to watch to see how this trends over the next year as more startups emerge — will the amount raised each month continue to rise or stagnate?

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