Report: Galaxy S III, iPhone and iPad top the most-discussed gifts for Christmas

Report: Galaxy S III, iPhone and iPad top the most-discussed gifts for Christmas

With Christmas right around the corner and this being the final shopping weekend, it’s not that difficult to see that people are scrambling in search of those last-minute gifts for their friends and loved ones. But there are still those that are undecided about what to get. Thumb has looked at what its users are asking and said that the Samsung Galaxy S III, the iPhone, and iPad are top products on people’s minds.

Thumb, the mobile app that lets users quickly gather opinions from others, looked at 250,000 opinions and derived that over 21% of them were talking about Christmas — definitely on everyone’s mind. Thumb had created a holiday category in its system to see what people were interested in asking about and interested in. Here’s what they came back with:

This year, more people have been asking about the Samsung Galaxy S III, the iPhone, and the iPad. And although there has been much discussion about it, it isn’t a sign that these devices will be the most purchased items of the year — it could be that people are torn between getting an Android device versus an iOS one. In a Nielsen Wire report in November, we know that kids were more interested in Apple products, so it can’t be all that surprising that Apple is being discussed so much.

Other statistics that Thumb released included seeing more users fourteen times more likely to ask questions about gifts for their boyfriend or husband versus a girlfriend or wife. But women asked 40% more questions about shopping than men. One might infer that men are rather difficult to shop for.

With Thumb, users can pose any question in the app and receive quick responses. The company says that any question could receive between 50-100 total responses with a dozen coming within the first two minutes. It believes that the average user spends more than five hours a month using the app to answer questions. To date, it has over 1.2 million registered users since it launched in June 2012.

Thumb is very similar to Polar and even other Q&A services like Localmind, but it claims that because of its “crazy engagement and speed”, it’s better. When you first use the service, you’re asked to pose a question. Users who wish to respond can give it one of three responses: thumbs up, down, or neutral. Comments can also be left, but are only visible to the person who posed the question — and limited to 140 characters.

Originally known as Opinionaided, it rebranded over a year ago and has raised $6.74 million from investors like SoftBank Capital, BlueRun Ventures, GEneral Catalyst Partners, Draper Fisher Jurvetson, and angel investors.

Thumb holiday infographic

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