WhoGotFunded.com unveils premium accounts offering more filters, keyword searches, and data exports

WhoGotFunded.com unveils premium accounts offering more filters, keyword searches, and data exports

WhoGotFunded.com, a real-time service that curates company funding news, has moved away from just offering its service free to customers. Now, users can elect to be enrolled in either the free plan or one of three premium account types, providing them with more filtering, better keyword searches, and the ability to export data to use anywhere they like.

Started by a group of technologists, the site uses text mining technology to curate funding news for any company around the world. When we spoke with Paul Vivant, one of the founders, he said that the site’s goal was to build the most comprehensive funding database in the world that would become “a source for venture capitalists, business angels, founders, CEOs, corporate executives, journalists, bloggers, and investment bankers.”

Of course there are other sites that are doing similar things such as Crunchbase, Venturedeal, and many others, but that hasn’t seemed to detract the company from moving forward.

With the premium accounts, users can do the following:

  • Filter deals by city and the surrounding radius: While previously you were able to filter results by a single country (or several ones), now you can do it by city. The filtering allows you to localize your search to within 12 miles of any city and it can be customized further if you choose a time range and industry.
  • Better keyword searching: WhoGotFunded has a search engine that also indexes all the news stories relating to a deal, giving access to more information about the investors, competitors, and more. While search is included with the free plan, it is limited to 3 results per search. You are now afforded an unlimited amount of results with the premium accounts.
  • Data export: Having done a search on a company, it would be great to take it elsewhere to share with others, either through a report or to be displayed in a dashboard of some kind. Now, users can export information about deals, companies, and investors in either an Excel, CSV, or XML file format. With the free plan, users can only get to export up to 3 deals each month. With the premium accounts, at least 25 deals can be exported each month

There are three different tiers of premium accounts that users can choose from: Starter, Team, and Corporate. The company is offering a free 14-day trial with its Starter plan, which costs $49 per month. The next two plans are $149 and $749 per month, respectively. Each plan offers the same amount of credits, search results, and features — the main difference is just how much data do you get.

Those enrolling in the free plan will find that they won’t be able to receive power email alerts, no user support, and limited search results, credits, and frequency of data exports.

Photo credit: NOEL CELIS/AFP/Getty Images

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