Nearing 10M users with another every second, SkillPages launches iPhone app to find services quickly

Nearing 10M users with another every second, SkillPages launches iPhone app to find services quickly

SkillPages, the service that helps connect skilled people with available work opportunities, has just released its iPhone application. In doing so, the company has given its users another tool in the fight to overcome their situation and find a suitable job for them. And there are a lot of users to work with — 10 million in fact, a growth rate of one member every second.

Founded by Ian MacDonald and Michael Gallagher, SkillPages only recently made its push into the United States. It launched in 2011 in Dublin, Ireland and has been focused on achieving its mission: to create a “more efficient labor market”. You could think of it as a more relevant form of the Yellow Pages. It doesn’t matter what you’re looking for — you could find it right within SkillPages. Perhaps think of it like RedBeacon, but much more expansive than just the home.

Many years ago, one of the main ways to find hired help was through the Yellow Pages — you know, those things that are left on your doorstep each year and ultimately gets recycled or thrown away? Fast forward a few years and along came a digital version of these business listings. The problem, according to SkillPages is that these listings are impersonal and often outdated.

With SkillPages, it has instead chosen to create what it calls an “instantly searchable, location-aware trusted environment” that integrates with Facebook, Google, Twitter, LinkedIn, Hotmail, and many others. Just like how purchasing items is often influenced by recommendations, so too are businesses. If you need your home renovated or are looking for a travel agent, where’s one place you turn? Your friends. And if they’re not physically nearby, then you might as well turn to their social media personas to get insights.

SkillPages iPhone app screenshot

The iPhone application continues with this experience, but also emphasizes four key things:

  • Find: Allow users to search and view millions of skilled people based on their skills and location
  • Showcase: Post what skills you have and see who’s hiring for someone in that role
  • Connect: Instantly connect people through in-app messaging or calling
  • Discover: Generate push notifications for any new local opportunities that match your skills

With the introduction of its app, SkillPages has felt that it was needed since people are often on the go with their mobile devices and when you’re in a hurry and need someone like a plumber, analyst, or even an acrobat, then having access to that information at your fingertips is really important.

It is predicting that by the end of December, there will be over 10 million users worldwide, with at least 1.5 million in North America. It currently has more than 14 million skills listed on its website and since you’re able to upload videos, audio recordings, and/or images to your profile, the app will most likely have that feature as well.

SkillPages has raised $22.1 million in finding with its most recent round coming from ACT Venture Capital.

Photo credit: Scott Olson/Getty Images

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