Akamai acquires digital content delivery specialist VeriVue in cash transaction

Akamai acquires digital content delivery specialist VeriVue in cash transaction

Internet content delivery network company Akamai today announced that it has acquired VeriVue in an all-cash transaction.

Financial terms of the deal were not disclosed, but Akamai said it expects the acquisition to boost its ‘Aura Network Solutions’ line of managed and licenced content delivery network (CDN) offerings, and accelerate the time-to-market in providing a licensed CDN solution specifically for network operators.

Basically, VeriVue provides carriers with a solution that enables them to cost-effectively deliver digital cable, IPTV premium services and multi-screen offerings to consumers across a wide variety of devices.

After all, someone needs to make sure you can watch Hulu or Netflix from your couch, and VeriVue helps network operators take care of that.

Notably, Netflix recently introduced its own CDN offering, called Open Connect.

Comments Mick Scully, VP and GM of Akamai’s Carrier Products Division, on the deal:

“Verivue has done an impressive job of building a licensed content delivery infrastructure and getting it deployed with several important operators. We believe that Verivue’s technology will complement our roadmap for creating a comprehensive Operator CDN solution.”

Founded in 2006, Verivue has approximately 60 employees.

While the purchase price isn’t being disclosed, this could give you an idea: Akamai last year acquired another CDN rival, Cotendo, for $268 million.

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