ZocDoc brings its online booking service for medical appointments to Las Vegas

ZocDoc brings its online booking service for medical appointments to Las Vegas

ZocDoc, a free online service that gives patients the ability to find and book doctor appointments in the United States, is now available in Las Vegas.

The roll-out, announced today, means that patients can use ZocDoc to book appointments with a number of participating primary care doctors, obstetrician-gynecologists and eye doctors based in Las Vegas. The company emphasizes that other medical specialists, such as dentists and dermatologists, will be available through the service shortly.

ZocDoc has proven itself as an effective way of using technology to help cut down the bureaucracy and form filling associated with seeing the doctor. Patients simply visit the company’s website, or access one of its mobile apps, before entering their location and level of medical insurance, as well as the type of doctor they would like to see.

Medical experts that are registered and participating with ZocDoc are then cross-checked in order to decide who can see the patient most quickly and effectively. Users are able to choose from available appointment times and complete the booking at their convenience, regardless of whether the practise is actually open or not.

Any patient that uses ZocDoc can expect to see a doctor within 24 to 72 hours; a big improvement over the waiting times currently experienced in Las Vegas.

“Many patients and doctors in the Las Vegas area are reporting a six month wait to see primary care doctors for a routine check-up, and they’re reporting even longer wait times for more serious matters,” said ZocDoc founder and CEO Cyrus Massoumi. “We look forward to making that wait dramatically shorter and helping local residents secure fast access to the quality care they need and deserve.”

The announcement follows the unveiling of ZocDoc Check-In, which works in parallel to the company’s existing service by allowing patients to fill out medical forms online before they visit the doctor.

Reporting on it last month, we said: “Think of it like the early check-in option available on most airlines, except without all the hassle and with the knowledge that in the end it will actually make you feel better.” However, ZocDoc says the new check-in service will be available for Las Vegas patients “in the coming months”.

ZocDoc was founded in 2007 by Cyrus Massoumi, Oliver Kharraz, MD and Nick Ganju. The company is trying to tackle health care head on by offering appointments with medical practices and healthcare providers in 31 major areas across the United States, inlcuding San Francisco, New York, Washington and Portland. Las Vegas is yet another string to the company’s impressive bow.

Image Credit: Daquella Manera 

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