Uber adds yet another market, Minneapolis-St. Paul: the next city to recieve the luxury treatment

Uber adds yet another market, Minneapolis-St. Paul: the next city to recieve the luxury treatment

You might have heard that Uber, the luxury car service, has began setting up shop in Phoenix today. But now, the company has doubled its expansion news today by announcing that it’s going to be bringing its private car service to the Twin Cities. That’s right, Minneapolis is going to be home to those black Lincoln towncars.

In a post, Uber mentioned some great things about the North Star State and why the company wants to be a part of it: the food, the tech community, the local breweries, high-school hockey, and the “four well-defined seasons that the West Coast barely knows exist”. And the timing of this launch couldn’t be any better — with the upcoming winter season, the car service is probably sure to be doing a lot of business…we just hope that surge pricing doesn’t happen because it snows a lot.

Actually that brings up a good point and one of the reasons why Uber hopes you’ll check them out. As the temperature begins to drop, while it’s amazing to see Minnesotans brave the cold, it doesn’t want you to sacrifice your health simply because you can’t get a ride to where you need to go. That’s why it’s promoting its reliability: “Whether leaving the bar or heading to First Ave, when it’s freezing cold, efficiency and reliability are serious matters…and also Uber’s specialty.”

Going to see a sporting event to root on the Minnesota Vikings, Timberwolves, the Twins, or any other team? catch an Uber and get to the game in style and in comfort. Like any other city with sports teams, you just want to get to the game easily. Uber aims to help you eliminate any stress with finding parking, catching the bus, and finding your way back home afterwards.

Uber’s Minneapolis-St. Paul service is now available and can be accessed by using its mobile application to summon one of those classy towncars to your doorstep today.

Image Credit: ED JONES/AFP/Getty Images

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