Livestream debuts aggressive $399/month premium plan with unlimited bandwidth for businesses

Livestream debuts aggressive $399/month premium plan with unlimited bandwidth for businesses

Live event coverage startup Livestream has just launched a highly agressive premium plan which offers businesses unlimited bandwidth and storage for $399/month. As Livestream notes in its release, this all-in-one model differs heavily from competing services like Ustream, which charge by the GB and won’t reveal unlimited pricing structures online — the most costly public offering from Ustream specifically is $999 for 1,000 GB of video storage.

This is definitely a direct attack on competitors, but it is sure to be good news for future users as well, keeping prices as low as possible. Livestream believes that this new plan means brands and producers will no longer be “punished for the success of their events,” but it’s possible that Livestream itself will instead suffer under highly active and popular users.

For those who are interested subscribing to the startup’s premium service, it also includes daily phone support and access to a full suite of live video and live blogging tools, plus the ability to use Live Event Pages on Livestream, Facebook or any website.

From Max Haot, CEO and co-founder:

In our quest to bring every event live online, we are debuting the industry’s first unlimited premium streaming plan, making it easy and cost-effective for brands and businesses of any size to connect people with their events on Livestream and any website of their choosing with our embedded video player…We’re disrupting our industry by differentiating our pricing model and eliminating a charge per viewer minutes – as a result, producers save thousands of unbudgeted dollars.

To learn more about the new plan, visit the link below.

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