YC alumni ReelSurfer rolls out new user profiles to help you “claim” your clips

YC alumni ReelSurfer rolls out new user profiles to help you “claim” your clips

Have you ever found yourself frustrated with the fact that you can’t find clips of your favorite quote or sequence easily without having to scan through the entire video? What if there was a way where you could compile all the best scenes into one giant reel so you could skip through all the boring stuff and get to what’s important? Normally one might think that someone else would share the same interest with you and do it already, but if not, then what do you do?

Just use ReelSurfer. This video service allows you take 30 second clips of any part of any video and compile a reel that you can share with your friends on any of the main social networks. Some of the more creative ones being done include this one of “Gangnam Style” and also one for Stanford Football.

Today, this Y-Combinator alumni company is announcing new social and customizable profiles for its users that will allow anyone to view your entire collection of clips and reels. Previously, users were only able to view individual clips from social links on Twitter and Facebook, similar to viewing Instagram photos on the web.

To create your own reel, paste a URL where a specific video can be found. It can be anything from any source like YouTube, Vimeo, Socialcam, Viddy, Klip, etc. Once done, you can select the specific snippet you wish to display. All individual clips within a reel have a maximum limit of 30 seconds, just long enough for people’s attention span, says ReelSurfer co-founder Neil Joglekar.

ReelSurfer Screenshot

Once done, you can add more video clips to your reel and then publish it for the world to see. Share it on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, etc. — your friends won’t see a fancy reel graphic, but rather the traditional video embed player. However, they will see the first 30 second clip before it automatically goes to the next one, and the next one, etc.

Users can now also share their profiles with anyone they wish. ReelSurfer says that these profiles will “let you ‘claim’ clips you make as they are shared across the web, vote on clips, and have your clips featured in categories or on the trending reel on the homepage.” Plus, it’s also great to have a public area where you can proudly display your work. Users that have set up these profile pages include Reuters, TedXTeen, and Sugar, Inc.

ReelSurfer profile screenshot

Joglekar tells us that the service currently has thousands of users on the site (although he won’t give an exact number) and that some of the videos that displayed on the site have received over 100,000 views. Not bad for a company that launched this year and recently graduated from the recent Y-Combinator class.

ReelSurfer tells us that it raised close to $900,000 in their seed round and that it plans on moving forward with developing mobile applications for the service and bringing on at least a couple of more people in order to help.

Image credit: Paula Bronstein/Getty Images

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