Bloodhound fetches $1 million from 500 Startups and others, as it launches new conference tool ‘Retrieve’

Bloodhound fetches $1 million from 500 Startups and others, as it launches new conference tool ‘Retrieve’ ...

Today conference application and service provider Bloodhound announced $1 million in funding, aligning the news with the release of its new product, ‘Retrieve.’

Bloodhound is a mobile platform for conferences, designed to help attendees find one another in the haystack of an event. It also allows attendees to trade information without dealing with a business card, that tool that feels good in your pocket but is never read once it reaches your home. Even more, you can use Bloodhound to send emails to folks that you have just met that are filled with your information, saving the endless entering of data on phones that belong to others.

However, while that is all quite great for attendees, Bloodhound’s new tool will help those hoping to meet and lock down new leads at conferences do just that. Dubbed ‘Retrieve,’ the product is a tool for exhibitors to scan badges, and thus accumulate leads, without needing to purchase other technology or waste time; with Retrieve you can take down information from those attending a conference in a hurry, sans pain.

Key to Bloodhound’s value proposition is analytics. Its new Retrieve product contains that element, presenting behavioral analytics as an exhibitor scans badges at an event.


Component to its announcement today that it has raised $1 million in what the company calls “previously unannounced funding.” Participating in the round were Subtraction Capital, 500 Startups, and a number of prominent angel investors.

Bloodhound is a company already monetized, working on building out its platform. Given that conferences are often consistent disappointments, any improvement offered is welcome.

If you are a conference person, look for Bloodhound at an event near you.

Top Image Credit: John Leslie

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