Anthemis heads to New York to disrupt financial services across America

Anthemis heads to New York to disrupt financial services across America

Anthemis Group is headed to the Stated with the launch of Anthemis (Americas) Corporation. The new branch will be based in New York and is a part of the company’s growth strategy and hopes to reinvent financial services.

Founded in 2010, Anthemis is a diversified financial services group with investments located around the world. The company brings together a network of entrepreneurs, executives and engineers to work on building technology-enabled businesses through a variety of financial services.

Anthemis has a proven interest in the business of disrupting finance. It already has founding stakes in companies such as Simple, Betterment, Movenbank, Blueleaf and The Climate Corporation. It is through companies like this that Anthemis hopes to develop more innovative financial services models and a host of products that can be adapted to the needs of people and businesses today.

Financial refresh

Financial processes and the software that runs them is often based on antiquated systems that are not easy to change or nimble enough to adapt to new requirements. In a world where ‘economic crisis’ is bandied around as a term so often that it starts to lose its meaning, the need for a fresh approach is fairly clear and new solutions to try to help people manage their finances during rocky times are pretty appealing.

The success of events like SeedCamp Fintech also points to an appetite for coders and technologists to consider new ways for people to work digitally with their money from church donations to shifting large amounts in business transactions.

Anthemis’ Managing Director Sam Johnson will be taking the lead in New York and hopes to push the business further from this vantage point to grow activities across the United States.

Johnson was previously the founder and CEO of TransactTools, a trading technology company that was acquired by NYSE in 2007. Before this he worked as Vice President, Equities Electronic Trading at Goldman Sachs, and co-chair of the FIX Protocol Organization.

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