Help inspire @Biz’s movie project by tweeting him a picture or two

Help inspire @Biz’s movie project by tweeting him a picture or two

Today in San Francisco, Twitter co-founder @biz is taking photo submissions via the social service to help inspire his upcoming film project.

Christopher ‘Biz’ Stone is taking part in the Canon ‘Imaginat10n’ project, in which a number of celebrity directors will be shown a number of submitted photos to help them find inspiration for their own movie.

TNW just spoke with Biz via phone, who detailed why he is taking part in the project, what he wants to accomplish, and why today is an important date.

In short, this is a fun project for the guy, who is working with the famed Ron Howard on his project. He’s sitting in the director’s chair, giving him creative flexibility whilst not bogging him down in minutiae; he won’t be hitting the keys at an editing station, he said, but he’ll be looking over that person’s shoulder.

The Imaginat10n project is designed to allow for mass participation. Individuals can submit photos via Canon’s website, and, today, using the hashtag #InspireBiz. Tag a tweet with that, include an image, and Biz will probably see it in the coming few hours as he sits on the Embarcadero next to a large screen.

What makes this all fun is that Biz is taking the entire project seriously. He stated that he’s holding back on coming up with even a sketch of the film he wants to create until he has seen the photos that are curated for him to peruse and find inspiration from; your participation could impact the film. 91 pictures will be finally selected.

On a more technical scale, the doors appear to be open in terms of what the technologist can create, even down to casting; whomever he so desires, it appears that he can have. You have to be almost jealous.

Jamie Foxx is another of the celebrity directors. You have to love the modern world in which a tech dude who you would expect to see poised over a coffee and laptop is set up as equally sexy as the guy who sang the better parts of Gold Digger.

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