Manage and celebrate your life goals with Bucketlistly

Manage and celebrate your life goals with Bucketlistly

Bucketlists are things I’m always cautious of. Perhaps it’s the fact that I live in Thailand, a place that seemingly every 20-something (or older) traveller has on their list; result being that heard a fair clichés relating to ’50 things to do before I die’ or similar.

Despite my British cynicism, the Internet is a quite brilliant thing that allows us to learn and understand almost limitless amounts about the world, and so it follows that we are widening our horizons and wanting to do more adventurous things – even if one item constitutes an ‘all nighter’ in Bangkok’s Khao San Road (yours, not mine).

Those of us that challenge ourselves by setting goals (and/or bucket lists) will be interested to learn of Bucketlistly, a neat new service that lets you…well…post your long-term goals, and then gleefully strike them off and distribute them across social networks as you surpass them.

The site is designed by Pechananr ‘Pete’ Rojwongsuriya, who also runs (which we’ve written about before), and it is built with virality very much in mind.

Each completed task generates a ‘certificate’ which can be posted to Facebook, Twitter and Foursquare – the idea being to share significant milestones with your friends, and motivate others.quit

The site itself shows trending topics, links those that are aiming to reach similar goals and allows you to follow other users in a Twitter-like fashion. It suggests popular goals (in case you’re stuck for inspiration) and includes a feature I quite like, which allows you to give other users tips.

“The gist of the app is that when you complete a goal, it will share seamlessly to all of your  social networks,” Pete tells me. “I want to create a mentality whereby people think of Bucketlistly whenever they’ve accomplished an epic goal.”

So, if you’re in the market for something to help better manage your plans and long-term goals, or indeed smaller projects, be sure to check Bucketlistly out at the link below.

➤ Bucketlistly

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