Flickr users locked out of their accounts as Yahoo experiences server issues

Flickr users locked out of their accounts as Yahoo experiences server issues

Something is afoot at Flickr today it seems. Many users appear to be locked out of their accounts and are getting a Yahoo error message when they try to submit their details.

Along with the log in errors, attempts to contact Flickr via its site also return the same message.

Naturally the response from users has varied from the informative to the panicky – but as the Internet goes, this is to be expected when any service faces a glitch.



Visitors to the Flickr site are still able to browse images, but of course with no means to log in, favouriting, commenting and the usual account activities are not accessible. Attempts to log in via Facebook or Google are also not working.

TNW has requested information from Flickr to find out what is happening and so far the Flickr Twitter account holds no clues. We’ll have you updated as soon as we know more.

Update: It seems that logins are working again for Flickr and the company Twitter account says that the Yahoo network was experiencing some issues that have been resolved.

Image Credit: Poolie

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