SumAll releases new analytics tool to show social media ROI against financial performance

SumAll releases new analytics tool to show social media ROI against financial performance

SumAll, the data visualisation company, has launched its SumAll Social Metrics tool today. It’s an analytics tool that links a brand’s Facebook fan page and Twitter account to revenue in order to work out the bottom line for investing in social interaction.

It’s been acknowledged that brands and companies tend to do well on social media platforms. The engagement with existing and new customers may be good for reputation when done well, but does the shift in methods actually convert to a financial gain and how can this be tracked?

As more customers expect a social and mobile presence from companies, it’s possible that firms can see an improvement by putting their marketing efforts to work in the places where the audience naturally exists. Working out if that’s worth the effort , or if it’s working at all, can be a matter of ad hoc tracking and comparison.

SumAll says that showing social activity against web traffic and revenue in a SaaS environment, on a dashboard, can make clear what the real results are. Not a bad tool if you’re already in the business of employing people to improve your stakes in social media.

Clearer pictures

As a data visualisation firm, it’s not surprising that SumAll has taken a visual route to organising social and financial data. The Social Metrics service is a way for users to look for patterns in social advocacy against revenue to find a match.

The screen cap shows the SumAll dashboard where traffic and revenue lines are compared. The system automatically searches for patterns between the various data sets. Peaks in social advocacy can be matched to following peaks in revenue (that’s presuming the social activity went well).

Founded in 2011 by Dane Atkinson, of SenseNet and Squarespace, SumAll provides big data to small businesses through its free, real-time data dashboard. The service provides social media integration including Facebook, Twitter, Google Analytics, eBay, PayPal, Shopify, Big Commerce and Magento into interactive chart. It can be viewed via a Web browser, tablet or mobile phone.

The company is VC backed by investors, Battery Ventures, General Catalyst, Matrix Partners and Wellington Partners.

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