LinkedIn Ads are now available in 17 new languages, including Japanese and Czech

LinkedIn Ads are now available in 17 new languages, including Japanese and Czech

Recruiting great employees and connecting with smart colleagues is a global affair. It’s no mistake that LinkedIn has become the place for professionals to reach one another on the web, and the company is ramping up its efforts to help companies recruit all over the world.

Today, LinkedIn Ads are now available in 17 more languages, here’s what the company had to say:

Today we launch the availability of LinkedIn Ads in 17 new languages. LinkedIn Ads now provides a truly local experience and allows you to create ads in the language of your choice. From Japanese and Czech to French and Turkish, this update makes it that much easier for members to share information and create messages that resonate with other members they want to reach.

For example, the addition of new languages to LinkedIn Ads allows a finance executive in Brazil to use Spanish to connect with clients in Spain, while a tech company in Hong Kong can frame its message in Dutch to pursue customers in Amsterdam.

Whether your company wants to reach out to others in a B2B capacity, or you just want to get the word out about some interesting news or milestones, you can now do in more locales.

LinkedIn says with its ads you can reach: 175M users world wide, 7.9M decision makers, 5.5M high tech managers, 1.3M small business owners and 4.2M corporate executives.

Domo arigato, LinkedIn.

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