Apigee launches free self-service platform for enterprise-grade API management

Apigee launches free self-service platform for enterprise-grade API management

Apigee, the API management company, has launched the next generation of its platform which features self-service access, free to anyone for up to 3.5 million API calls per month.

The new platform hopes to encourage businesses to tap into the growing app economy by adding to the company’s existing suite of services for building, managing driving business through mobile.

Apigee says that the service is risk-free and offers unlimited scaling. The company hopes that offering the new platform for free to this level will encourage businesses from pilot projects to massive infrastructures with billions of API calls every day.

The new edition offers four different capabilities. The first being gateway services for safely exposing, managing and scaling APIs and easy-to-use self-service tools so that businesses can create customized API-based products for developers, partners and employees.

There are also app services, built on Usergrid open source technology – Usergrid was acquired by Apigee back in January. This offers developers the tools to build apps that include social graph, user management, data storage and geo-location.

Users can also access developer channel services for creating a community around APIs and apps. This means that organisations can launch a developer portal with features like API analytics. The company has been working to enhance its analytics offering to help create clearer insights into the data generated.

Impressive growth

Overall, Apigee is experiencing strong growth as businesses increasingly align their IT strategies and investments with the explosion in information consumption on mobile devices and other platforms. The firm says that nearly 20 percent of top 100 companies listed in the Fortune 500 use Apigee, and over 100 billion API calls per month run through its platform. Global clients include Walgreens, Netflix, Bechtel and Getty Images.

Indeed the business appears to be coming on in leaps and bounds, earlier this year it opened it’s UK office, just last month it closed a $20m funding deal and inked a deal with Telefónica Digital that will see it become the partner for the operator’s API management platform.

As businesses get around to realising that mobile access to their products and services is vital to increase customer loyalty and satisfaction, it is not a surprise that companies like Apigee are going gangbusters as they make the transition easier.

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