Technology job matching tool is launching in Portland, Seattle and 11 more new markets

Technology job matching tool is launching in Portland, Seattle and 11 more new markets, a web service that connects technology and certain creative workers to jobs that fit them well in select cities, is expanding its product to 13 new markets, starting today, and continuing over the next several weeks. Come the early days of September, all new locales will be live., launched as a competitor to LinkedIn, pivoted some time back to a service focusing on matching tech workers with tech jobs. Essentially, it looks further than a simple resume, gauging what sort of firm an individual would like to work for, and what type of work environment that they enjoy, slotting them with companies that fit their preferred mix.

Even if you need a C++ guru, if the one whose resume looks best hates the startup environment, he or she could be a terrible hire. Here’s the coming list of locations where is launching today, and shortly thereafter:

  • Today: Seattle, Portland.
  • August 14th: Austin, Dallas, and Houston.
  • August 24th: Boulder, Denver, and Los Angeles.
  • August 28th: Atlanta, Raleigh.
  • September 4th: Philadelphia, Pittsburgh and Washington, D.C.

Before this expansion, was live in 4 areas, with listings from 400 different companies. is maturing as a company, having just last week turned on its revenue tap. The company charges businesses to list their open positions, and match them with the best potential employees. For its early life, was free. It is clear now that the company feels that its product has proven itself sufficiently to warrant charging for.

Also, has a recommendation feature that, for a small fee, will introduce top candidates to a business before they apply. In a comment provided to TNW, the firm indicated that its early foray into taking on paid customers was going well.

What follows is a screengrab of a list of potential hires that an employer might see for one of its open posistions. The higher the score, the better the match.

In its release provided to TNW, noted that it is working with each communities’ local constituents to better grasp what they might need. This sort of micro-local granulation could give it a leg up over larger, more established, online jobs boards. And there are many of those.

TNW suspects that once has well established itself in the United States’s various markets for tech jobs, it will expand to support jobs that are non-tech related. For now, if you are looking for a tech job, is a tool that could be coming to a city near you.

Top Image Credit: haymarketrebel

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