Israel’s Promodity bags $1.5m angel cash, launches free trial to help you boost marketing campaigns

Israel’s Promodity bags $1.5m angel cash, launches free trial to help you boost marketing campaigns ...

Promodity has closed a $1.5 million angel round, participated in by Gigi Levy-Weiss, member of local Israeli TechAviv Angels. In what it calls a celebration of sorts, the firm’s product will be free to use for marketers, its target audience, for limited time.

The company works with marketing campaigns, nearly all of them. The goal of Promodity is to create a tool than can mange any sort of marketing system, in a single interface, cutting down on the time required to execute them.

For example, Promodity supports multiple offerings on a landing page, creating separate funnels on the go. This slots users into what might be the most effective sort of presentation, boosting engagement, and in theory, revenues.

Of course, Promoditiy’s status as an Israeli startup funded with, at least partially, local cash, makes it unique from the perspective of the current assumed young tech company paradigm: Valley based and funded with Sand Hill Road cash.

Acccording to its own PR, Promodity is a “single place to view, measure and optimize all marketing campaigns and initiatives in one place.” Such dashboard plays aren’t new — think of web analytics — but if the company will manage to convert its now live free trial into a burgeoning roster of paid clients is a wholly different question.

As a note, in the case of Promodity, its ability to execute on its vision is perfectly linked to its future potential success: If it helps its clients both save on expenses and boost revenues, it will garner customers. If not, on the vine it shall wither. How quickly it leaves the free tier will be a potential indicator of just that line of questioning.

Top Image Credit: zeevveez

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