Help translate the Declaration of Internet Freedom by taking part in the ‘Translathon’

Help translate the Declaration of Internet Freedom by taking part in the ‘Translathon’

As stated in an earlier report, TNW supports the Declaration of Internet Freedom, and you should too.

If you missed it, the declaration is a document that points out the things that all residents of the Internet should hold close to their hearts.

Imagine the Internet without the following freedoms: Expression, Access, Openness, Innovation and Privacy.

These are some of the things that brought the Internet to our hands to work, play, communicate, create and invent. We’d be lost without them.

The declaration needs to be as open as the ideals it stands for of course, so an epic effort to translate the document is underway.

The Internet Freedom Translathon is part of the Summer of Internet Freedom and has been curated by Global Voices Online Lingua Project.

Check out the list of languages into which the declaration has been translated already and if you are feeling fluent, help fill in the gaps so that people everywhere have an opportunity to read the declaration for themselves.

28 languages have already been covered from Arabic, Catalan and Dutch through Malagasy, Swahili and Turkish, there are still some yet to be done though and proof-reading is also requested.

We hope there’s never a day when we look back at what we have now and feel that the Internet has become a closed and restricted space that is off-limits to any member of society.

Learning about what is happening now means that there is a chance the Internet can be open for more people in future.

Go on then.

➤ Internet Freedom Translathon

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