Dating site Plentyoffish wants to help spice up your love life with Luvmybox

Dating site Plentyoffish wants to help spice up your love life with Luvmybox

Online dating phenomenon (simply called POF from this point forward) has launched a side project dubbed Luvmybox. Yes, really.

The new venture will ship you a discreetly packaged box filled with “adult oriented and flirty items” on a monthly basis for $34.95 a month.

Subscription boxes are a dime a dozen these days – there are even out-of-the-box services like that help you get started on your own subscription-based box business – and new ones keep popping up almost daily.

Maybe you’ve heard of Birchbox (beauty and lifestyle products), Kiwi Crate (kids stuff), Manpacks (stuff for men), Panty By Post (panties), Trunk Club (clothing for men), Art In A Box (well, art), Conscious Box (sustainable products), BarkBox (dog goodies) and Honest (stuff for babies). Well, there’s more where those came from.

Luvmybox offers no innovation in the way it works, and it’s not even the first of its kind (see Boink Box) but the fact that POF is behind the project may well turn it into a success. After all, the site claims 32 million members, so there’s room for upselling.

(That said, you’d be hard-pressed to find any mentions on the Luvmybox site that POF is behind it, for whatever reason – though the promotion email I received does clearly mention that it is a property of theirs).

Anyway, Luvmybox is pretty straightforward: every month, a ‘LuvBox’ will be sent to members, filled with “intimate and slightly risqué items”. No more awkward trips to the sex shop, in other words. From the website:

Want to have fun in the bedroom? Luvmybox sends you a box every month with adult oriented and flirty items in discreet packages.

From the racy to the romantic, it’s always a surprise! Lubricants, sex games, condoms, sexy costumes, panties, kamasutra ideas, bustiers and so much more!

POF says Luvmybox will start shipping boxes in the US and Canada in September.

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