Here’s the first class of Acceleprise companies who will shake up enterprise tech

Here’s the first class of Acceleprise companies who will shake up enterprise tech

As we told you last month, only one company would make it to the first Acceleprise enterprise accelerator by way of a challenge, and that company was picked.

Here’s the entire first class for Acceleprise though, which includes the winner of the challenge, Mercury Continuity.

Even if you’re not interested in the enterprise side of technology, you can clearly see that these companies have a real chance to disrupt legacy systems and verticals. Some of the mentors that are signed on to coach this class are Eric Ries, who wrote The Lean Startup and Scott Case, CEO of Startup America.

Meet the first class:


ExecOnline is transforming the executive education space by enabling educational organizations to deliver the quality of in-classroom instruction through an online user experience. ExecOnline is partnering with leading business schools to offer interactive online certificate programs to Global 2000 companies.


Conjure is a knowledge management platform. With Conjure, ideas no longer get locked up in emails, PowerPoints, or in people’s heads, but can cross-pollinate with each other and be leveraged as an asset to be reused and resold.


SIGKAT is an online credential clearinghouse that allows organizations, communities, individuals and vendors to put their credentials online. SIGKAT is available for anyone to create, manage, and share valid credentials to support reputation, eligibility and transactions.


ConferenceEdge makes event management easy. They provide innovative, web-based solutions for events. Their Edge Events Suite includes event registration, learning and feedback management, marketing via email and social media and e-commerce with integrated payment processing.


FitFeud is a web-based system that manages all aspects of fitness competitions for large organizations. Through FitFeud, organizations can register participants, track progress, send reminders, and aggregate reporting to help demonstrate effectiveness and ROI. FitFeud uses competition to motivate people to reach their fitness and weight loss goals, providing measurable results for businesses and their employees. Clients include Indiana University Health, KPMG, and Loudoun County Public schools.

Mercury Continuity

Mercury Continuity provides government and corporate clients with innovative solutions to improve their network and communications resiliency. By leveraging cutting edge, completely-scalable hardware along with their proprietary technology, Mercury Continuity is able to create independent fully-scalable communications infrastructure in any environment.


There you have it, those are the companies who will be stepped through an entire, and immersive, accelerator cycle. When the companies come out on the other side, expect huge things from them.

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