Kickstarter rolls out redesigned project pages, with bigger videos and key information now easier to find

Kickstarter rolls out redesigned project pages, with bigger videos and key information now easier to ...

Kickstarter needs little introduction in many circles. The US-based crowdfunding platform has hit the headlines on a number of occasions in recent times, for some of the quirky and cool projects that have gained funding through it. It recently announced it was going global, and heading to the UK later this year.

Today though, Kickstarter has launched redesigned project pages, geared towards making creator’ information easier to find, with details now prominently displayed further towards the top of the page.

Moreover, location and category details have been made easier to find, having been separated out on the top right so they compete less with other information.

In addition, other changes include:

  • Short description of project added. The short description has always been on project widgets, the homepage, and other pages but never on the project page itself. It’s the quickest way to get a sense of what the project’s about in the creator’s own words.
  • Launch date and funding end date added. Next to the short description are the launch date and the date when funding will end.
  • Larger video. The entire left column has been made larger, so now videos are bigger
  • Design tweaks. Centered the title and creator name, made it more obvious when a project is successfully funded, adjusted fonts and spacing, and made other touch-ups to make the page more cohesive.


“The project page is the heart and soul of Kickstarter,” says the company in its announcement today. “It’s where creators share their project ideas and backers go to see what they have in mind.”

Indeed, Kickstarter notes that in the last 30 days alone, almost two-thirds (60%) of its pageviews have been on project pages, which perhaps isn’t a massive surprise.

“For months, we tried new ways of thinking about the page, but there were always trade-offs that we didn’t like,” the company says. “Time and again we came back to the same structure we’ve always had. And while it might’ve been fun to unveil something completely new and radical, we gained confidence that we got a lot of things right the first time around.”

The new design should be live now on all Kickstarter project pages.

Feature Image Credit: Billaday | Flickr

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