Boulder startups band together, raising funds for wildfire relief efforts

Boulder startups band together, raising funds for wildfire relief efforts

It’s not often that we get to write a feel-good story here on TNW, but when some of our own from the startup community band together to help overcome a disaster, the tale has to be told.

Recently, when wildfires swept through Colorado, several families and companies close to the startup world felt the impact of lost homes, displaced businesses and desperate measures. As Joel Wishkovsky of Card Gnome tells me, Boulder didn’t let itself get kicked while it was down, but rather banded together to help bring back Colorado.

A number of startups, including Card Gnome, have put together programs for monetary donations, fundraising and general mental health. A few of the startups built Wild Fire Tees, Newsgator is taking cash donations via Crowdrise, Card Gnome is sending thank you cards to the firefighters, with all proceeds being donated to them as well. Last but not least The Startup Shirt has made the Heal Colorado t-shirt, and a number of startups “have collection jars and have been calling for donations at hackathons and other events” according to Wishkovsky.


It’s an amazing effort, and a not-so-gentle reminder that sometimes when we want to change the world we have to start in our own backyard. Bravo, Boulder startups. The world needs more like you.

Image Credit: Andrew Hyde

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