Evernote now reportedly has more than 32M users, and China is its fastest-growing country

Evernote now reportedly has more than 32M users, and China is its fastest-growing country

Following yesterday’s launch of Evernote Hello on Android, Emily Chang is reporting that the note-taking app Evernote now has more than 32M users, and that China is its fastest-growing country. Evernote only first unveiled its dedicated Chinese service, named Yinxiang Biji, a few weeks ago, and on the 16th of May we reported that downloads of that app were “off the charts”, according to Troy Malone, the company’s general manager in Asia Pacific.

That was all just based on the app’s first week post-release, where Malone said that daily new user numbers in China had been greater than its two biggest markets — Japan and the US — combined. In other words, the news that China now officially houses Evernote’s fastest-growing user base isn’t surprising at all, but, the fact that Evernote is continuing to state this goes to show just how confident the company is in these growth numbers.

As a completely separate service from the US-based equivalents, Yinxiang Biji will initially be developed in parallel with Evernote, and share much of its code-base and features, but it will grow into a distinctly different service that offers a number of benefits. To learn more about Yinxiang Biji, check out TNW’s coverage of its release here.

This news follows yesterday’s release of Evernote Hello for Android, which packs more features than its iPhone counterpart, and has some real potential:

From Evernote:

Six months ago, we launched Evernote Hello, our app that helps you remember all the people you meet and the experiences you share. Today, we’re excited to announce the release of Evernote Hello for Android. We’ve made numerous enhancements, including a powerful LinkedIn integration that lets you instantly capture a rich encounter with someone simply by entering their email address.

Evernote is only just beginning to tap the Chinese market with its new app, so the stakes are still quite high. If this growth does prove sustainable, however, we may even see Evernote’s initiatives in China mirrored in other markets as well.

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