Buddy.com raises $1m, offers a “backend-as-a-service” platform for app developers

Buddy.com raises $1m, offers a “backend-as-a-service” platform for app developers

Buddy Platform this morning announced that it has raised $1 million in seed funding from Transmedia Capital and Crestlight Venture Productions as it launches its ‘backend-as-a-service’ (okay we’ll call it BaaS just this once) platform to the world.

Basically, Buddy enables app developers to focus on building the best cross-platform software they can without spending too much time on establishing a supporting cloud infrastructure and adding important but non-core functionalities (push notifications, gaming, metadata, geolocation, messaging and whatnot).

The company offers a platform of APIs for the creation of apps for iOS, Android, Windows Phone, Windows 8, Facebook, HTML5, SmartTV and more.

Originally launched in beta last September the Buddy.com platform now supports some 6,000 developers building more than 5,000 apps, the company says.

App publishers also benefit from a dashboard that shows them real-time app performance along with additional documentation and support options.

Buddy is offering free access to its platform up to 2 million API calls per month through July 31 to celebrate the public launch.

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