Cloud analytics firm CopperEgg takes on $2.1 million more in funding, hires new CEO

Cloud analytics firm CopperEgg takes on $2.1 million more in funding, hires new CEO

Cloud analytics and server performance monitoring company CopperEgg today announced that it had completed its Series A round with the addition of $2.1 million in funding. The company also announced that it has hired a new CEO.

Bob Quillin, that new executive, has worked at companies that have been acquired by VMware and EMC. The company’s funding was led by Silverton Partners, along with the Webb Investment Network and others. Previously, the company raised $2 million from Silverton Partners, in July of 2011.

CopperEgg provides tools that give analytics into how servers, “cloud, virtual, or physical,” are performing. The company calls it “Server Monitoring as a Service.” Looking just from an industry perspective, the firm could not be better placed: cloud server performance is an issue that becomes more important daily, as the technology market leans increasingly heavily on the technology.

Its pricing scheme is also quite smart, letting anyone track two servers for free, but charging $0.012 per hour per server for its service afterwards. That works out to about $8.70 per month, per server. The following screenshot, pulled from the company’s website, gives a look into how the service reports on various server vitals:

CopperEgg is based in Austin, Texas. It will be interesting to see what the company does with this current round of funding, whether is goes after aggressive revenue growth, or instead invests more heavily in its technology. Whatever it chooses, the company is in what I would call a market sweet spot.


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