Skype breaks its concurrent user record again with 40 million people logged in at once

Skype breaks its concurrent user record again with 40 million people logged in at once

Skype is starting to sound like a broken record when it comes to breaking records, but this feat is impressive nonetheless. A little over a month ago we told you about Skype’s announcement of 35 million users logged in at once, setting a new record for the VOIP service, just a week after it broke its previous record of 34 million users.

This time, Skype made more than a jump of a million and has announced that it has seen 40 million people log onto the service at once for the first time. This of course, is a record. What’s more interesting than these record-breaking feats, is the way that Skype announces them on its blog; usually with nonsensical posts waxing numerics or civilization. This latest announcement is no different:

Between three and four millennia ago, sometime between 2000 BC and 1000 BC, the world’s population stood at 40 million people. Early civilizations like the Egyptians, Phoenicians and the Minoans focused their trading efforts on the sea, building centers of commerce all along the Mediterranean. Letters using these early peoples’ alphabet took weeks or months to travel on the sea or overland by boat, horse or foot.

Well, the world certainly has changed a lot since then. Today, we have seven billion people on Earth, and there are centers of commerce almost everywhere. With changes in technology and mechanized forms of transportation, letters (surprisingly) still takes days to get from person to person, while email takes just seconds.

But one of the biggest changes is one we reached today – when 40 million concurrent users were signed onto Skype all at once. This is a massive new milestone for a simple piece of software that helps make meaningful connections a cool part of people’s lives every single day.

Think about this: thanks to Skype you can make audio and video calls, send SMS and instant messages, get voicemails or share files with anyone anywhere on Skype quickly and easily at low to no cost.

So much for those long boat trips.

We thank you all for taking the long journey with us!

Long story short, a lot of people use the crap out of Skype. It’s nice to see the service chugging along after being acquired by Microsoft. See Instagram fans? Just because your favorite service gets acquired doesn’t mean that it will change for the worst.

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