Enterprise social network Yammer announces dashboard analytics for employees

Enterprise social network Yammer announces dashboard analytics for employees

Yammer, a company that has Twitter-like properties to assist companies to create better communication throughout its ranks, has launched a new dashboard analytics tool which gives employees a deeper look into what’s happening in their network.

The tool is supposed to help employers understand who is using the tool and how they’re using it. It appears that the addition of analytics helps prove out the return on investment for using Yammer in the first place.

Here’s what Yammer CEO David Sacks had to say about the release today:

By giving our customers access to powerful analytics, we are helping them better understand their networks, revealing potential for growth and demonstrating how Yammer can transform their organizations. We are dedicated to our customers’ success and these tools are empowering employees by providing valuable insight on the overall health of the network and which areas to drive further adoption.

Basically, if a key member of your team isn’t engaged in interacting with their colleagues, this tool will point it out to you and can assist the conversation you’ll be having to get them to use it more:

In addition to granular reporting like employee monitoring, whomever is in charge of managing the Yammer network can see a really detailed look at the health of the company like the one above. Seeing how many items have been uploaded, status updates liked, and how many conversations are happening during certain periods can show how effectively your team is communicating using the tool.

It’s apparently a feature that has been requested by the Yammer userbase for some time, so the company has responded today with its release. The feature will be available to all premium users by March 31st.

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