Foursquare’s new business hours feature show its direction is a threat to Yelp

Foursquare’s new business hours feature show its direction is a threat to Yelp

Foursquare has just announced that business hours for venues are now available, signaling an interesting expansion that eats into Yelp’s own territory. We already saw how Foursquare can be used to discover food nearby, so now that both menus and hours are available, the company’s intentions are becoming clearer.

From the blog post:

On the prowl for a late night snack? Or a cafe that’s open super early? Or a place that’s still serving brunch on a late Sunday afternoon?

“Now when you’re looking for great places to try, you’ll see a business’ hours (if the merchant has provided them) so you’ll know when they’re open! You’ll even see specific times, like happy hour, kitchen hours, or free admission hours at museums.”

As you can see in the quote above, Foursquare’s push towards exploration and discovery fits right in with this new update. Of course, simply listing hours isn’t so scary, but by putting the pieces together, it’s evident that Foursquare is a threat to the likes of Yelp.

This direction pushes the possibilities of what Foursquare can accomplish. As it becomes more and more packed with a breadth of information, checking in will soon be only part of the equation.

It’s noteworthy that only official owners can add hours, not users. If you’re a merchant and want to add hours to your venue, you can get started here.

Featured image: Shutterstock/Luiz Rocha

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