Broodr: The inner geek’s boutique grows to 5,000 items

Broodr: The inner geek’s boutique grows to 5,000 items

I’ve been a fan of Broodr from the start. Simply put, it’s an awesome online store with geeky artappareltechelectronics and more. It’s not an open market like Etsy, but the collection is so well curated that anyone in the tech industry is sure to fall in love.

We spent some time talking with Broodr, and found out that the 3.5 person (one’s part-time) team has already managed to grow a collection of 5,000 items — with each one still hand-selected. Broodr founder Jason Blanck is literally getting each and every product you see on Broodr up there by hand, as it aligns with what Broodr is all about: thoroughly unique gadgetry that elicits delight.

Despite the small team and detailed selection process, the site has managed to grow incredibly since its launch just three months ago. And out of all the goodies showcased on the site, we talked with the team to find you the top sellers and craziest items ever listed.

Kymera Magic Wand Remote Control: $75.95

The most popular products include The Magic Wand Remote (above), the Yoda Doormat,  QR Coded Cards/Prints and LOOP Nano Watches, which hail from KickStarter. As for the craziest items, the Nintendo Bra and Plush Testicles (below) stand out the most. For me, this Super Mario 3 NES Cartridge made of soap blew my mind.

Plush Testicle having a ball: $13.95

All in all it’s an awesome community of gadgets, gizmos and what not. Everything on the site varies greatly in price, from the $10 R2D2 iPhone decals to high-end steampunks like this vintage typewriter inspired keyboard and mouse for $329. If you’re in search of an original gift, look no further, because the team already did your work for you.

➤  Broodr

iRetrofone Steampunk Black and Gold: $350

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