AVC.fm: Fred Wilson’s blog, podcasted, sans Fred Wilson

AVC.fm: Fred Wilson’s blog, podcasted, sans Fred Wilson

They say that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. If that’s the case, then AVC.fm should leave prolific, blogging VC Fred Wilson feeling high on life. You see, AVC.fm is not run by Wilson, but rather by the enterprising people behind VoiceBunny, a startup that I wrote about here on The Next Web a few days ago.

According to VoiceBunny founder Alexander Torrenegra, it’s all done out of a respect for Wilson’s work:

“The VoiceBunny team and I are big fans of Mr. Wilson’s work and especially his blog, but we didn’t always have time to read it everyday.  So, we thought it would be great if AVC.com had a podcast so we could listen on our commutes or while we were working.”

There’s an obvious question here about how Wilson will take the news, but it’s an interesting play from VoiceBunny and Wilson has already tweeted about the project. There’s even a message to Fred on the site, with instructions to him on how he can embed the player widget onto his own site.

Ultimately the question is whether it will lead to continue success for the VoiceBunny team. As a professional voiceover artist myself, I was skeptical about the company’s approach, but after having done a job or two through the site I’m now sold on the approach…at least for some situations.

We’d love to see more companies doing things like this. That guerrilla approach to marketing is something that we’ve been lacking in the tech world for a bit, and enterprising startups like VoiceBunny bring back some hope.

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