Tech tabloids you are lucky don’t exist

Tech tabloids you are lucky don’t exist

The world of tech media is varied, interesting, and always changing. Several publications are on their way down. Others are marching to the top of the heap. Some just shout from the corner in a language that no one understands. All that diversity, however, doesn’t always guarantee quality.

As you well know, most major corporations have internal newsletters. They are used to keep the company’s average worker up to date as to just what the party line on any issue is; ‘the quarter’s earnings weren’t bad as much as it was simply a time of transition,’ and so forth.

We love that sort of propaganda at TNW, as it is always pouring into our inboxes. To celebrate the tech press, and enjoy the fact that the tech giants constantly pump official bilge at their employees, we came up with three technology publications that you are certainly glad don’t exist, at least not in the form that we imagined them. Enjoy.

TNW’s fine Harrison Weber threw these together. We love him.

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