This Foursquare user is using the service to document the history of rappers

This Foursquare user is using the service to document the history of rappers

Paul Rayment, a PR manager based in Leeds, has come up with yet another interesting and unique use for Foursquare. He’s using the check-in service to map out the history of rappers.

Starting out with Tupac Shakur, Rayment has documented the milestones in the rapper’s life, starting out with his performance at the Apollo Theatre:

Tupac played Travis Younger here in the play A Raisin in the Sun. He was a member of Harlem’s 127th Street Repertory Ensemble which he joined aged 12.

The tour then takes users through Tupac’s high school years, the location where he signed his record deal with Death Row Records, and of course, as is to be expected, passes through the site of the shooting that took Tupac’s life. With 13 stops, spanning from the East to the West coast of the US, it’s going to take a dedicated fan to check in to each location.

Rayment has announced that another hip-hop history lesson can be expected, but this time, he’ll be documenting the milestones in Jay-Z’s life.

This novel use of Foursquare shows just how much further the app can go, and isn’t limited to just checking in at locations and earning badges. Its potential as an educational and travel tool is unlimited, and provides an exciting and hands-on way to not only create tailored tours around a city or country, it can also be used as a tool to learn about the history of celebrities, locations, and much more.

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