Sesame Street’s YouTube Channel Gets Hacked. Badly.

Sesame Street’s YouTube Channel Gets Hacked. Badly.

Children hoping to watch Sesame Street on YouTube on Sunday were greeted with quite the opposite. The channel was hacked, all videos deleted, design modified and graphic porn uploaded. A blurred screenshot is posted below.

It took Google around 22 minutes to pull the content down and close the channel but even now, search results [NSFW] for Sesame Street on YouTube reveals the occasional graphic thumbnail.

Although unconfirmed, according to a reddit comment, it may have been a revenge attack as the name of the account was changed to a YouTube user called MrEdxwx implying he was the person behind the hack. With many assuming he is responsible, comments on his page are a mix of compliments to disgust.

(Update: MrEdxwx has since posted a video titled I did not hack Sesame Street).

Frankly as amusing as the characters expressions are below, it is awful that kids as young as five may have seen the videos. Kudos to Google for responding swiftly.

Here’s a great video of Sesame Street in happier times.

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