37signals: 321 of the Fortune 500 use Basecamp

37signals: 321 of the Fortune 500 use Basecamp

For a company that has always talked about selling software to a neglected market, 37signals appears to be doing well for itself with popular names as well. In a new blog post, the company touts the statistic that 321 of the Fortune 500 use Basecamp, while 127 of them use Highrise.

Breaking that down even further, there are some other interesting statistics when it comes to the Fortune 100 and Fortune 50:

Basecamp is being used at…

  • 35 of the Fortune 50
  • 68 of the Fortune 100
  • 321 of the Fortune 500

Highrise is being used at…

  • 23 of the Fortune 50
  • 41 of the Fortune 100
  • 127 of the Fortune 500

It’s worth noting, though, that the numbers aren’t reflective of the companies as a whole. 37 Signals has simply tied the email addresses to the companies, which means that at least 1 person or team within each of the companies is using the product. This also means, as is pointed out in some fine print at the bottom of the post:

“…we’re using email addresses for the matching so it may not be perfectly precise.”

Regardless, this is huge news for a company that gives away some of its software and never took funding beyond a Series A 5 years ago. Well played, 37signals. Well played indeed.

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