PlayStation Network returning soon with $1m in identity theft insurance per user

PlayStation Network returning soon with $1m in identity theft insurance per user

The 2-week nightmare for Sony is about to come to an end as Howard Stringer, Sony’s chief executive, said that the PlayStation Network and Qriocity would be back online in the coming days and assures all users with an insurance policy.

Sony’s PlayStation Network outage has been in the headlines over the past two weeks after the company admitted that its online gaming platform was compromised and millions of user accounts were exposed to hackers.

Although still unsure, the unconfirmed hackers’ claim to have credit card data of 2.2 million PlayStation Network users is still taken into consideration as Mr. Stringer announced that Sony had implemented a program for its customers that offers a “$1 million identity theft insurance policy per user.”

Additionally, Sony also laid out plans to try and reimburse customers who have been without access to services for almost three weeks. A “Welcome Back” package will be offered to customers, which includes a free month’s membership to PlayStation Plus once the service is back up.

Despite the huge hit it took, Sony is still optimistic with its online gaming and distribution platform and is very much eager to bring back the service to its customers. It has already entered the final stages of internal testing and it should be back online for most users soon.

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