Loopt Star Running Nationwide Sports Authority Promotion

Loopt Star Running Nationwide Sports Authority Promotion

Users who check-in at certain pro sports team stadiums with the Loopt Star iPhone app will receive a $10 gift card to Sports Authority. Also, Loopt Star users that check-in at any of Sports Authority’s 462 stores in 45 states will receive $10 off a $50 purchase. The promotion includes MLB, the NBA and the NFL.

As far as free stuff goes, the pro sports stadium deal is a pretty good one – people are certainly already going to the game to see the game, so its not like they have to do anything that they wouldn’t already be doing – they just have to have the app and check-in with it. Of course, that’s the rub – will people remember to check-in? Also, if Loopt Star has enough scale (and/or the word really gets around about this promotion) think about it for a second – NFL stadiums can seat 70,000+ people and MLB stadiums 40-50K. So if word got around, that’s a lot of discounts.

The promotion ends on December 15, 2010.

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