FourWhere Expands To Include Gowalla & Yelp Comments

FourWhere Expands To Include Gowalla & Yelp Comments

FourWhere, one of a number of geo-mashups that show aggregated data across services, updated their site today to include Gowall and Yelp comments.

One nice feature of the site is that it automatically detects your location (nothing revolutionary here, but it’s a nice touch for a location-focused mashup). There are three things that we wouldn’t mind being a bit more UI friendly, however. First of all, auto-populating the page with popular venues (in terms of comments) would be nice. Secondly, it would be nice if the user could set their own radius from a selected point – currently, the site seems to only show a few blocks worth of venues. Third, being able to search by venue and not just address would be extremely helpful.

While the mashup seems to have gotten better since launching a few months ago (it was very buggy at that time) it still seems to have a bit of performance issues, especially around zooming in and out of the map. Of course, this is meant to be a free service to help people geo-locate comments across services, so a bit of buggy performance isn’t too much of an issue.

Overall, this is an improving mashup that takes a different angle as to what it aggregates (most mashups primarily focus on check-ins, such as Checkinmania – see our review), and if you’re interested can be a good way to see how different location services users leave comments about a place, but the overall utility of any of these mashups – for now at least – is relatively low, especially if they continue to be only browser based and not made into dedicated mobile apps.

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