Stickybits Opens API To Anyone That Likes Stickers

Stickybits Opens API To Anyone That Likes Stickers

Stickybits, an app that let’s you add content to any barcode, has taken their API out of beta testing today, making it freely available to all developers.

A hit at SXSW, Stickybits is fun for users because it allows you to leave a little something special attached to a barcode (and the object it’s stuck to or a part of) such as photos, text, links and even videos. For marketers, there is more than technology involved here – Stickybits actually prints out stickers with barcodes on them for people/companies to use and has a partnership with Zazzle, which can print out barcodes on T-shirts, business cards, mugs and greeting cards.

With the opening up of the API, we expect many mobile app developers to incorporate Stickybits into their apps, as the technology works with any barcode and can be used as part of promotions, gaming mechanics and rebates. Making this even easier, is the fact that Stickybits is using SimpleGeo, leveraging that startup’s large places database.

And ok, you don’t have to actually like stickers to use the API, but it couldn’t hurt.

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