Google launches YouTube Partner Program in India

Fawzi Rahal

Google announced on Tuesday that it was launching its YouTube Partner Program in India, to allow regular contributors to the video-sharing website to display ads with their videos, according to a report by IndiaInfoline.

The YouTube Partner Program enables people who make regular and popular uploads to the site to generate revenue from their videos with the help of ads overlaid on top of their videos and displayed alongside them. All of the uploaded content has to be the original creation of any YouTube user in order for them to be eligible for the Partner Program.

The program currently boast of over 20,000 content creators across the globe and pays out millions of dollars per month in advertising revenue to its members. The company has already been inducting handpicked Indian members, such as Yoboho New Media and Jai Hind TV, to the Partner Program since last December and is now opening it all Indian users who might be eligible.

[Image courtesy of Elena Larina /]

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