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Amazon’s ‘deep clean’ of its coronavirus-infected warehouse will continue… indefinitely

It's the first Amazon warehouse to close indefinitely due to the coronavirus threat

It happened: Amazon shut down one of its warehouse indefinitely after three workers tested positive for coronavirus (COVID-19), Bloomberg reports.

Through automated calls, the e-commerce giant told employees late Wednesday it would extend the 48-hour “enhanced, deep cleaning” of its Shepherdsville, Kentucky returns facility that began earlier this week.

Late Wednesday, the e-commerce giant told employees it would extend the 48-hour “enhanced, deep cleaning” of its Shepherdsville, Kentucky, returns facility — all via automated calls.

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Some employees were reportedly nervous to return to work. The Shepherdsville location usually processes returned apparel like sneakers and wristwatches, items they felt aren’t essential during the COVID-19 pandemic.

“I can understand if they’re doing medical supplies and food, but we don’t. Does someone in quarantine really need these new shoes to wear around the house?” said one worker.

These aren’t the first COVID-19 cases amongst Amazon‘s 800,000-plus workers. The Washington Post reported Thursday that workers had tested positive for the disease at 10 of its warehouses in the US.

The outlet noted 1,500 workers worldwide had signed a petition encouraging Amazon to further protect employees from coronavirus infection.

However, this is the first time Jeff Bezos’ mega-corp has closed one of its warehouses indefinitely. Amazon is yet to confirm when it plans to re-open it, but pledged to pay workers until that come times.

Earlier this month, Hard Fork reported that Amazon was increasing wages throughout April and sought to employ an additional 100,000 workers in its fulfilment centres in a bid to meet demand.

Published March 26, 2020 — 14:56 UTC