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Amazon Web Services China launches official partnership with Qtum

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Amazon Web Services (AWS) China has taken another step into the blockchain-based cloud computing world with the announcement of an official partnership with the Singaporean platform Qtum.

Simon Wang, head of territory business development at AWS China confirmed to CoinDesk that AWS China is partnering with dApp platform, Qtum.

“Qtum are now an AWS technology partner and one of the partner network members,” Wang told CoinDesk.

The Qtum public blockchain platform has been available through AWS since July of this year. But this partnership lays the groundwork for a new working relationship for the two platforms.

The platform claims to offer a quick, efficient, and cost-effective tool for deploying smart contracts. However, Qtums relationship with AWS will also deliver further support to its clients.

“Under the partnership, Qtum and AWS will work together to get feedback from customers about the use cases most in demand and provide guidance to those clients that don’t have much software development resources themselves,” Mike Palencia, Qtum’s chief information officer, told CoinDesk.

This might be the helping hand that some corporate clients require, given that many are struggling to deliver on their blockchain promises due to scaling challenges.

This partnership may prove to further cement Amazon’s position as a market leader in the blockchain-based cloud computing arena.

But it’s not alone, Google is working on its blockchain cloud by creating a developer kit to help newbies get into the blockchain game.

While working with AWS might help Qtum reach more customers and offer better support, it also centralizes what should be highly decentralized technology. Whether this is good or bad, remains to be seen.

Published October 17, 2018 — 15:02 UTC